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Midterm Essay Notes

Midterm Essay Notes - How can you talk about popular...

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How can you talk about popular culture theory to explain hip-hop’s development as a natural phenomenon? Offer some statistics, personalities, and modes of performing as examples. Black youth manipulate media technology, and as a result, reshape the sphere of popular media culture. (566) . Containment and resistance – Society tries to contain the black youth but black youth resist in ways shown by black popular culture. (559) Society tries to contain the black youth, but of course the black youth are going to resist just like anyone else would do. Commercialism has helped black youth to gain more visibility globally. The production of blackness - contends that commercial media culture is a primary site for producing resources about and representations of blackness. (557) Historically situated because slavery has instilled a view that blacks are viewed as a lower class. Cultural production – “collective production of skills and practices which enable
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