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FMS1 Midterm Study_GuideS10 - FMS1 Midterm Study Guide...

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These terms and scenes provide the basis for midterm The midterm will include: a scene analysis (of scene in list below) and identifications of terms listed below Key: B-T= terms (and those following in that section) can be found in textbook If no B-T, term is from lecture Introduction drama vs. cinema -- shot as unit of meaning (vs. scene) -- time (shots are only 5-15 seconds) flashback and flashforward -- space (closed vs. open space) architecture and nature -- sound -- Drama: actors and audience has more control than in cinema Key theme of course -- (directorial) choice (directorial control of actors) Levels of Analysis: Technique, Narrative, Theme (,and Theory) Hitchcock, Film Form, and Cinematography film form (B-T) Patterns: Repetition and Variance Development/ Compare beginning with End Coding the form of Narrative ABA’ (R. Window) segmentation (choosing scenes to interpret) camera techniques: (B-T) deep focus vs. shallow focus long vs. medium. vs. close-up shots Camera Movement (B-T) (pan, tilt, tracking/dolly,crane/boom, handheld) point-of-view shots (POV) Alfred Hitchcock antagonism to actors/prefers technique the darker side of family and romance (Shadow of Doubt) “Hitchcock Picture”: suspense thriller with a twist (couple/family as protagonist) pure cinema (**SCENE: Opening sequence)
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FMS1 Midterm Study_GuideS10 - FMS1 Midterm Study Guide...

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