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Paper assignment#1 for FMS1 4/12/10 1 Introduction to Film Studies Course: FMS 1 Prof. Jaimey Fisher, TR 1210-100 EVRSN 176/ Scrng M 710-1000 Wellman2 Email: Office Hours: TR1130-1200, T 110-210 Office: Sproul 409 DUE: Friday, April 23, Noon (your section leader will let you know where to turn the film in) Assignment #1: A Resistant Scene or Sequence Expanded to Interpretation This 3-4 page paper is meant as a learning experience: it is intended to improve your writing about film, a somewhat different endeavor than writing about literary texts. The paper is worth 10% of your final grade. Please focus on one of the four long features we will have watched by April 23: Rear Window , Citizen Kane , Broken Blossoms , and Maedchen in Uniform . The paper should focus on one of these films. Basic Assignment: The assignment is to pick a scene or sequence that seemed particularly interesting to you, read out of it an important theme based on a technique, and relate it to a second scene or
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