FMS1S10 Paper Assignment2

FMS1S10 Paper Assignment2 - Introduction to Film Studies...

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Introduction to Film Studies Course: FMS 1 Prof. Jaimey Fisher, TR 1210-100 EVRSN 176/ Scrng M 710-1000 Wellman2 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TR1130-1200, T 110-210 Office: Sproul 409 Assignment #2: Term Paper, 7-8 pages (20**% of grade) Due Wednesday, June 2: NOON (Section leaders will inform you where to turn them in) This paper extends the kind of sequence analysis you did in your first assignment, but in this paper, you should develop a clear argument that pertains to two films and that can sustain a paper of this length. Please develop an argument that, as we have been discussing all quarter, rests at the intersection of film technique and narrative theme; the argument should concern two films and two scenes or sequences from each film (so the paper will contain the interpretations of four scenes/sequences). In supporting your argument, you should perform sequence analyses of these four scenes/sequences, but each sequence analysis should relate back to your overarching argument. As noted above, your argument has to build on film technique (cinematography, editing, sound, mise-en-scene and narrative), and it should also make reference to how technique
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FMS1S10 Paper Assignment2 - Introduction to Film Studies...

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