Abrahams_s Perfor. Patterns

Abrahams_s Perfor. Patterns - 5. emphasis on whole group...

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Afrocentric and Eurocentric Performance Patterns Halifu Osumare (excerpted from : Roger Abrahams, "Concerning African Performance Patterns"  in  Neo-African Literature and Culture:  Essays in Memory of Janheinz Jahn  ,  Bernth Lindfors and Ulla Schild, eds., (Wiesbaden: B. Heymann, 1976) Roger D. Abrahams' Typology Afrocentric Eurocentric 1. art as a part of life art for art's sake 2.  applied art "pure " art 3.  expression of community expression of individual agreed upon values 4. "audience" as active audience as quiet observer participant and reactor
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Unformatted text preview: 5. emphasis on whole group emphasis on individual performer involvement - individual virtuosity and subtlety plays a part in community ensemble 6. creative vitality comes from creative vitality comes from performer community; individual within the individual regarded as instigator 7. repetition of sound and linear progressive organization movement as central; driven toward climax of insight: polyrhythm creates density repetition employed for and complexity intensifying or comic relief...
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Abrahams_s Perfor. Patterns - 5. emphasis on whole group...

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