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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Ron Laschever, ECON 440, Spring 2010 1 Problem set #6 Due at the start of class on 4/20 This assignment is to give you an idea what might happen in a legal case where you are being sued for discrimination. You can think about it from both the management and the worker perspective. Regardless of who you work for, it is always useful to consider the likely strategy of the other side and what they might claim. 1 You have obtained, say during the disclosure stage, a list of employees, their gender, age, and performance rating on a 1-7 scale (7 is the best). Use the Excel sheet found on compass Data for Assignment6 AgeDiscrim. All of your analysis can be done using Excel, there is no need for any fancy statistical software. It is not uncommon for courts to accept a 5% significance level when evaluating statistical results. Is there a prima facie case for discrimination? (Is there a significant difference in the layoff rates for the covered and uncovered group?) This requires a simple analysis that computes layoff
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