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History 17 C Midterm Study Questions

History 17 C Midterm Study Questions - History 17 C Midterm...

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History 17 C Midterm Study Questions 1. Many historians credit the New Deal coalition—and the New Deal itself—with ushering in a new era of American politics. How did the New Deal reshape politics in the first half of the 20 th Century? How was the New Deal coalition a stark departure from the past? How did the New Deal influence policy in the aftermath of World War II? Be sure to consider the role of government in shaping the economy, impacting social relations, and assuring national security. 2. Select three historical events or broad historical changes between 1920 and 1956 and explain how and why radio, film, music, novels, newspapers, television or political cartoons affected some aspect of American politics, economics or ideas about race, class or gender. How did political actors, critics of policy, and political commentators use these cultural institutions in the examples you selected? 3. Commentators often characterize the United States as a land of opportunity. Pick three
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