history hw - Kang(Haira Esther History 17c R 9-9:50am Sept...

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Kang, (Haira) Esther History 17c, R 9-9:50am Sept. 2, 2010 History Homework 1. The Black Freedom struggle, the Feminist Movement, and the Gay Liberation Movement failed to achieve significant changes in the American society. (I agree) Black Freedom struggle: The blacks came a long way with slavery being abolished but not much was changed after that as there was still segregation amongst blacks and whites. Brown vs. Board in 1954 was a trial about Linda Brown who was not admitted to a school that was close to her home because it was a white school. Even under amendments were blacks treated unequally. The 14 th amendment did not give her equal protection. Plessy was overturned but her admission should not have been refused in the first place. Daisy Bates, President of NAACP was threatened with a rock that said “The next time it will be a dynamite.” She helped the Little Rock Nine, a group of black kids attending the Little Rock School in 1957. Her security had to guard her home at night while she was sleeping. Her newspaper went out of business and her home was eventually attacked. This all happened to her because she wanted to help the black children get the same kind of education as the whites. Black schools did not receive much funding, thus they did not get as many opportunities as the white children. Even on the bus were black people considered lower class. This displayed the inequality between blacks and white and the segregation. They had to give up their bus seats for white passengers if there were no seats available for them. Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat was arrested.
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history hw - Kang(Haira Esther History 17c R 9-9:50am Sept...

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