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k ¶ () ) Korean 121B Final March, 2010 Page Six English Translation Five elements to the sky are its energy and stars and to the land its image and type. Energy means warmness, heat, steam, volume, and coolness and this touches the land’s five elements, ) , and through that the universe is created and changed. Everything that appears in the sky submit to this energy and therefore does not have ) and land take the form of tree, fire, land, metal, and water. Five elements mean ) , meaning east, south, middle, west, and north connect in that order and the ten celestial stems and the 12 countenance is divided by this. These five elements include the Asian’s philosophy on the all things in the universe. Destiny, fortune, and doom: Destiny means the fortune and the doom, which is the good and evil, the ups
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Unformatted text preview: and downs that surround a person’s body. Therefore people believe various events in our life are controlled by an inevitable force. They say that either you’re lucky or unlucky. However fortune means moving, spinning, transporting and life means order, command, and speech. Fortune is the good and the bad from the sky, and it has many different saying such as fortune is bad, fortune is fierce, fortune is unlucky, and fortune is great. Destiny and Fate: The difference between the words destiny and fate is destiny means the wheel is changing, meaning that I can change the road depending on how I drive my life. Fate means hundred people are surrounding a house and protecting or sleeping, therefore meaning that it is already set therefore it cannot be changed....
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