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CRTW Extra Credit Assignment Spend 24 hours using as little technology as possible.  Walk places! Visit with friends  instead of watching television! Pay attention in class instead of texting on your phone! Sleep  instead of playing video games all night!  Do homework instead of checking Facebook!  The goal is to interact with the people and the world around you, instead of with machines. You  will need to avoid television, ipods, cell phones, and the Internet. You should also attempt to  notice the noises of nature. To make eye contact with people. To relax. To be silent. To listen.
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Unformatted text preview: Then write a 1-2 page typed response that details and analyses your experience. First, tell me what you did differently during your technology-free day. Then explain why it was horrible, wonderful, strange, whatever. How did it make you feel? Finally, analyze yourself. Why do you think this activity make you feel the way you did? This grade will take the place of one homework assignment....
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