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Ones primarily used for student papers not intended

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Unformatted text preview: h Left Upper and Lower Case Italicized NOTE: Levels one, two, and three are the one two ones primarily used for student papers not intended for publication. Page 115 When to use which heading For a short article, one level of heading may be sufficient. Of course, it is Level 1. For more complicated articles add Level 2 If more is needed, add level 3 Situation Background [1] Issue Identification [2] Stakeholder Perspective [3] Page 115 HEADINGS Title Introduction Level One This paper will examine the problems facing Company X,Y,Z and the challenges and This opportunities they face as well as identify stakeholder perspectives as they relate t the identified problem…etc…etc…text…text…etc……….etc identified Background of The Situation Level Two Advent Investing is a financial services company. The industry has been chaotic since the company merged in 2004. Issue Identification Issue Level Three Company X,Y,Z has several challenges that is impending its ability to be number one in the industry. There is a lack of cohesion among the management team that has led to conflicting goals………etc…………text……text……text………etc. led Opportunity Identification One to five years. One Level Four Company can achieve the goal of number one in the industry within one to five years once specific issues are clearly identified etc...… industry text…text…etc. GENERAL FORMATTING HEADINGS: In longer papers (over 5 pages) headings may be used to organize your paper. They lead the reader to the particular topic that will be discussed. The importance of each topic is determined by the level of its heading. For instance, for all topics of equal importance, use the same level of heading. MARGINS: Use a 1­inch margin on all four sides. Ask instructor if left margin should be 1.5 inches to allow for binding. Use flush­left style & leave the right margin uneven, or ragged. PUNCTUATION: APA has reduced the number of spaces after a period from two to one in both paper text and in referencing. Page 2...
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