UNIT 1 TEST MGT 340 - UNIT 1 TEST MGT 340 Matching Items (3...

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Matching Items (3 points each) 1. The study of actions of people at work 2. Arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose 3. Job specialization 4. Concerned with the means 5. Continuous improvement and responsiveness 6. Coordinates and oversees the work of other people 7. A classification scheme for hand motions 8. Concerned with the ends 9. Roles that involve people 10. Job-specific knowledge to perform work tasks 11. Interacts with their environment 12. Focus on what managers do 13. Monitoring and correcting work performance 14. Involves models, statistics and simulations 15. Situational Approach 16. Arrangement of work 17. Studies providing insights into individual and group behavior 18. Department Heads A. Organization BE. Therbligs B. Division of labor CD. Controlling C. General Counsel CE. Hawthorne Studies D. Quantitative Approach ABC. Efficiency E. Effectiveness ACD. Interpersonal Roles AB. Manager ADE. Informational Roles AC. Open System ABD. Closed Systems AD. Contingency Approach ABE. Technical Skills AE. General Administrative Theory BCD. Organizational Behavior BC. First-Line Managers CDE. Conceptual Skills BD. Organizing BED. Total Quality Management(TQM) Listing Items ( 1 point each) List three factors that define a bureaucracy: 19. 20.
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UNIT 1 TEST MGT 340 - UNIT 1 TEST MGT 340 Matching Items (3...

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