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Unit 1 Review Sheet Chapters 1-2 Stdt Version - Classical...

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Unit #1 Test Review Sheet Chapters 1-2 Chapter 1 Who are Managers? Managerial and nonmanagerial positions Managerial Levels What is Management? Efficiency and effectiveness Management Functions Management Roles Management Skills Organizations Rewards/Challenges Terms Middle Managers Top Managers Management Efficiency Effectiveness Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Management Roles Interpersonal Roles Informational Roles Decisional Roles Technical skills Human Skills Conceptual skills Organization Universality of Management First-line Managers Chapter 2 Historical Background Events significant to the study of management.
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Unformatted text preview: Classical Approaches Scientific Management Frederick W. Taylor Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Quantitative Approach Behavioral Approach Early Advocates of OB Contemporary Approaches Terms Division of Labor Industrial revolution Classical approach Scientific Management Therbligs Principle of Management Bureaucracy Total quality of Management Organizational behavior Hawthorne Studies Open System Closed System Contingency approach Quantitative Approach System General Administrative Theory Principles of Management...
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