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Unit Test #3 Review Chapters 9 - 10 Chapter 9 -Traditional/contemporary organizational designs -Factors that influence the amount of centralization and decentralization -Forms of departmentalization -Six key elements in designing an organization’s structure -Models of Organizational Design Terms Organizing Organizational Structure Organizational Chart Organizational Design Work Specialization Departmentalization Cross-functional team Chain of command Authority Responsibility Unity of command Span of control Centralization Decentralization Employee empowerment Formalization Mechanistic organization Organic organization Unit Production Mass Production
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Unformatted text preview: Simple structure Functional structure Divisional Structure Team Structure Matrix structure Project structure Virtual Organization Learning organization Chapter 10-Workforce diversity-Major performance appraisal methods-Training methods-Orientations-Selection Tools-Human Resource Management-HRM process Terms Labor union High-performance work practices Affirmative action Human recourses planning Job analysis Job Description Job specialization Recruitment Decruitment Selection Orientation Performance management system Skilled-based pay Variable pay Downsizing Family-friendly Benefits...
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