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Unformatted text preview: source Capability action. 2 / Acquiring Human Re Research supports the use of WABs, BIBs, and the accomplishment record in sel The development of the scoring system requires sufficient data and some research expertise, but it is worthwhile because the resulting decisions are often superior to those typically tation of application blank information. What if you made based on a subjective interpre can’t do the empirical validation study? Might you still get better results using a uniform judgment? Yes. This approach weighted system, in which the weights are based on expert is superior to one in w hting system and each application blank or resume is evaluated in a more holistic manner hich there is no uniform weig by whoever is evaluating it. REFERENCE e or background checking. The goal is to gain 'ous experience with eople who have had prevr f the background check is to simply verify the information nt and experience. This is a good d 25 percent of job applications me form of referenc about the potential employee from p Most companies use so insight him or her. An important role 0 provided by the applicant regarding previous employme practice, considering research indicates that between 20 an 5 include at least one fabrication. i Many organizations are now “Googling” applicants’ names and searching Facebook and 3: MySpace for information about job candidates as part of a preliminary background check. In some states, teacher hiring administrators routinely search the Web for potentially em- barrassing (or worse) material. In some states, teachers have been removed for risque Web pages and videos. “I know for a fact that when a superintendent in Missouri was interview- ing potential teachers last year, he would ask, ‘Do you have a Facebook or MySpace page?” said Todd Fuller, a spokesman for the Missouri State Teachers Association. The Association is now warning its members to audit their Web pages. “If the candidate said yes, then the superintendent would say, ‘I’ve got my computer up right now. Let’s take a i look?” Web-based background checks are likely to increase in the years ahead. Fear of negligent hiring loyers do reference and back- Negligent hiring lawsuits is a related reason emp ground checks. A negligent hiring lawsuit is directed at an organization accused of hiring incompetent (or dangerous) employees. One he alth management organization was sued for $10 million when a patient under the care of a psy d to a psychiatric institution and it was later revealed that the psycho cholo gist was committe (1 had lied about his previous experience. eferenc didate‘ 3 past performance logist was unlicensed an i Organizations conduct r ‘ for the new job. Reference checks provide information about a can l and are also used to assess the accuracy of information provided by candidates. However, i ‘: HR professionals should be warned: a proliferation of lawsuits has engendered a gre, ‘ reluctance on the part of evaluators to provide anything other than a statement as to wher .9 person was employed and in what capacity. These lawsuits have employers for defamation of character, frau tress. This legal hurdle has prompted many org any information about former employees other than dates of ii * around is fair play-at least litigiously. Organizations are being sue do not give accurate information about a former employee i such a request. The bottom line appears simple: Tell the truth about former emplo ral states that provid employers and former rn .gly There are laws in seve e protection for who provide candid and valid evaluations of former employees. e checks to assess the potential success of the candidate d, and intentional infliction of emotional pro anizations to stop employees from employment and jobs. (1 and held liable if they are almost always very pun? s that h to getting more with letters of reference i “ x Whatcls theisValiditny One of the problems i Reference CHECKS? ,_ i 1T While there is some validity, it is low in general (.26). One approac “ A (and valid) distinctions among applicants is to construct a “letter of reference” or r mendation that is essentially a performance appraisal form.6 One can construct a form and request that the evaluator indicate the extent to which the candidate was eff 3‘ is 178 ...
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