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Interm Living#Leon Taufani0013 - Figure 6—10 1 A customer...

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 6—10 1. A customer comes into ago, but the w 1 (low) 3 (average) 5 (high) 2. For the past week you have b statistical work). You know iob of the day and i 1 (low) 2 (average) 3 (high) “Source: left A. Weekley and Joseph pp. 484—487. American Psyc ”Source: Gary P. Lath pp. 569—573. Interview formats Structured interviews Group/panel interviews Situational interviews the store atch is not back ye it’s nobod 's fault because t’s another ”loser. hological am and Lise M. to pick up t from the repair shop. Tell the customer the watch i Apologize, and tell the cus Put the customer at ease a een consistently getting you ’ What would you do? through the pile and t e coordinator, Thumb Complain to th Take the job without com A. Gier, “Reliability and Association. Reprint Saari, "Do People Do What T provide examples of good, question. T This approach, preferred to using an 0v the job. Figure 6-10 pre A variety of intervi this lack of standar interview decisions tiveness of the procc and Structured interview Group/panel inte and rate applicant re ratings are combine supervisor and a interview questio interview guides, and ways Gamble uses a minimum 0 minimum of three i the impact of idiosyncr proach appears to increas operations use team there is greater validi Two approaches to interv (1 interview are situation applicant. a structure Situational interview The interview ques les of unusually effective or For situational interviews, situations. which calls for examp job (see Chapter onal Interview Questions tomer that you will chec nd call the repair shop while ost time consuming (e.g., p u have just picked your fourth the jobs that are the to jobs in priority order. have been taking the. Validity of the 3' ed with permission. hey Say? Further Studies on ew formats are used today, but dilation has contr dure have been made 5 range from highly stru is a procedure whereby same order. The questions tructured interview is oh d on or related to the job to d usually by averaging acre personnel us. As part of the interview ' The repair was supp angry. How wou k him to ch ake another job. but do the job. plaining and do it.b ituational interview for a Sales Po specific, multiple ratings for uitability rating that is not exp erall, subjective s seats an example of an actu ibuted to low the decisions of inquiries. A highly structured interview same questions of all analysis and are rev interview provides gested questions and the traditional, uns not necessarily base the structured intervi thus improving the views are typically candidates in the iewed for relevance, accuracy, general guidelines, for note taking and summ aracterized by open—e such as recording forms ew procedures standardize or situational (or rviews co sponse representative or to avoid rating error nterviews for each job atic biases that single interviews to add ty in interviews 5 require app 4). osed to have Id you handle t eck back with you later. k into the problem and c the customer waits.a the Situational Interview,” Journal of Ap average, and poor applic d rating forms reduces rate most interviews are n individual interviewers, imp based on the following types of reliability and validity of the subsequent ju behavioral nsist of multiple interview s during the interview session. With panel intewie ss raters. The panel typically inc other job expert wh process, the panel reviews job f four interviews for eae e interview reliability new mem that involve more iewing with excellent trac al and behavioral interviews. licants to describe tions are based on the critic all him or been completed a week he situation? her back later. oor handwriting, complex Yo sition," journal of Applied Psychology 3 plied ant respon r error and increas each al rating form. reliability ctured procedures ambiguity, and bi an outline of either be filled. lnterviewe the content and proc both) . s prior to each in hers and select te incidents are c content area of ght introduce, and validity. Many team— am leaders. than one intervie k records wh how they woul a1 incident meth ineffective job behaviors (1987), Psychology 4 (1984), ses for each interview es rater accuracy. the interview, is licitly relevant to ot standardized. While and validity of both overall rovements in the effec— interview formats. to semistructured interviewers ask the are based on a job as. A semistructured mandatory or sug— ary ratings. In contrast, nded questions that are he use either of ess of the interview, dgments. Structured inter- l'SW ers who independently record ws, multiple ludes the job 0 helped develop the specifications, terview session. Procter & be filled. The CIA uses a el interview reduces and the ap- based production In general, wet for each job on they make up d behave in specifie. od of job analysis, for a particul “ onverted into intervie ‘ ...
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