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BIO 122 Hon Syllabus.rev-2

BIO 122 Hon Syllabus.rev-2 - Anandan Fall 2010 BIO 122...

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Anandan Fall 2010 BIO 122 Cells and Genetics BIO 122-A Cells and Genetics (Honors) Fall 2010 Instructor : Dr. Shivanthi Anandan Office Hours: Fridays 9-11am in Matheson 011A-D Email: [email protected] Phone: 215-895-2631 Required Honors Text: Biology: Brooker, Widmaier, Graham & Stiling. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, publishers. Teaching Assistants: Jules Winters (All Tuesday recitations only) Lori Lester (M 9-11am & 11-1pm labs only) Siddhita Mhatre (M 1-3pm & 3-5pm labs only) All office hours will be held in Matheson 011A-D Lecture: T Th 9:30-11 am in Randel 326 Course Description: This course has been designed to introduce you to the concepts of cell structure and function, cell reproduction, cell communication and genetic inheritance. You will become familiar with the ultrastructure of cells in terms of how molecules are put together to give rise to a complex organized structure. In addition, you will also become familiar with the basic principles concerning the inheritance of traits from generation to generation. We will focus on the relevance of genetics to social and ethical issues. As is the case for other courses in the freshman sequence, this course has a laboratory-based approach where you will be working in groups on laboratory projects. You will get first-hand experience in designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data and in communicating your results to your peers. The emphasis in this course will be on active learning through the participation of all group members in each of the laboratory projects. We anticipate that you will build active learning communities with your groups. Upon completion of this class you should be able to: explain and be able to discuss how simple molecules are organized and put together to give complex cellular structures, explain and be able to discuss the intricacies of cell structure in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells explain and be able to discuss the processes involved in cell-cell communication, explain and be able to discuss cellular processes involved in generating energy in plants and animals, explain and be able to discuss the principles underlying the inheritance of characteristics from one generation to the other, understand the molecular basis by which genetic information is stored, transferred and expressed in generation after generation understand how genetic variation is maintained in a population or species by the process of meiosis understand how genetically inherited disorders in humans are identified and studied On a more global scale, you should be able to: develop/ improve written communication skills develop/ improve oral communication skills 1
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Anandan Fall 2010 BIO 122 Cells and Genetics develop/ improve technical skills in biology
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