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Drexel Freshman Writing Program  English 101: Expository Writing and Reading Class Schedule (Abbreviations:  MG: The McGraw-Hill Guide; Aux : Auxiliary readings; Quick:  The Silver Linings Playbook) Week 1 9/20- 9/25 GOALS: READ: DUE: Thinking rhetorically and reflectively about writing Class orientation Icebreaker to help students talk and meet each other  Discuss assigned readings  Introduce portfolio, so students will think about it throughout the term Assign Project 1 and informal writing: notebook, Discussions, journal, blog MG : Chap. 1, “Writing Goals and Objectives for College and for Life” 1-14; Appendix A,  “Constructing a Writing Portfolio” 617-624.  33rd:  Two readings.  Aux:  One reading about  rhetoric. In-class writing on day one: Authentic assessment exercise  Informal writing about thinking rhetorically about writing Week 2 9/26- 10/2 GOALS: READ: DUE: Reading rhetorically and writing to learn Discuss assigned readings, including Quick’s novel and the referenced texts Discuss Project 1 topics MG : Chap. 2, “Reading Critically for College and for Life” 15-32; Chap. 3, “Writing to  Discover and to Learn” 33-45.  33rd:  One reading.  Aux:  One reading about reading  process. Topics for Project 1
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2010 for the course ENGL 101 taught by Professor Multipleprofs during the Fall '07 term at Drexel.

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English_101_core_schedule_fall_2010[1] - English101:...

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