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1. What genres are students most interested in? 2. Students would most be interested in science fiction, poetry, and epics. 3. I would find statistics of which books fare the most well with young adults. If I don’t know what to look for, I would ask my professor. Or I would ask the librarian. If I were researching during midnight, I would look on the internet and try to find the answer. 4. My final report would differ in degree of formality based on the audience. For example, if the report were for the board of the university, I would make sure every single statistics is cited and accurate. If the report were for school, then my report would be less formal, but I would still make sure that every statistics is cited correctly and reliable.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Using two stages of writing would streamline the process of writing the report. For example, having all the statistics necessary before writing the report could guide or even completely change how one stands on one issue. 6. By anticipating how others might attack your position, you could defend it by first countering their argument. This means you are aware of the other side and that you will prove that your point is better by dismantling their arguments. 7. I would know that my research is completed when most of the statistics agree with my hypothesis. Then I would attempt to explain why the statistics that dont agree is irrelevant or inconclusive....
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