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Project 1 - Jau-Ann David Tsai 6 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036...

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Jau-Ann “David” Tsai 6 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036 Sheryl Simons Project 1 I have always wanted to be a doctor. My earliest memories of seeing a doctor were being tapped on the belly by my father. As a gastroenterologist, my father served as the family doctor for our extended family. Rarely was there a need to go to the hospital for regular checkups, even though we lived right next to one. Very often my father would take me to work with him. Because of our proximity to the hospital, this was extremely convenient. I remember walking along with my father, who wore his respected white coat, toward the hospital. He exuded an air of confidence as he walked. Strangers looked at him with respect. Later in life I would understand the reason behind this. The hospital had a distinctive smell and feel. It was the smell of rubbing alcohol, latex, and blood all mixed together. The walls were white and clean to the point that they were intimidating. At the hospital I was fascinated by the medical jargon shared by all doctors. But at the same times I was saddened by the sight of so many sick people. It never occurred to me that the human body could break down in so many ways. This experience left a strong impression in my young mind and laid the foundation for my future desire to become a doctor. Not only did my father show me what a doctor’s job is like, he also took an active interest in
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Project 1 - Jau-Ann David Tsai 6 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036...

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