Week 2 - TSAI 1 Jau-Ann David Tsai 1 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036...

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TSAI 1 Jau-Ann “David” Tsai 1 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036 Sheryl Simons Week 2 Rhetorical anaylsis In the article The Benefits of Volunteerism, if the Service is Real by Alina Tugend, the author argues that community service, if done the right way, benefits students (as the title suggests). The article was published in the New York Times on July 30 th , 2010. Its intended audience is directed toward the general population, since the New York Times is a popular newspaper. The purpose of this article is to argue and prove a point. It argues against the cynical view that “[volunteering] is one more activity to tick off en route to college”, the perception that “community service is prompted by students more interested in resume-building”. Not true, the author argues. Using statistics, the Tugend argues that volunteering, if done correctly, has positive effects. If done incorrectly however, volunteering can have “detrimental” effects. Tugend uses examples and other sources to back up her argument. The article itself is made up mostly of quotations from sources of authority, who expresses their views on the subject. Through surveys that these sources did and their views, Tugend argues that community service
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Week 2 - TSAI 1 Jau-Ann David Tsai 1 Oct 2010 ENGL 101-036...

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