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IB Review Question # 1 Name _____________________ IB Review Question # 1 Name : Here is a sample question on the subject of States of Matter from a previous IB Test. 1. Describe in molecular terms the processes that occur when (a) a mixture of ice and water is maintained at the melting point. (2) Water and ice can coexist at 0°C. The ice needs more energy to completley melt into water. When it melts, not all of it melts at the same time. The ice requires a certain amount of heat (heat of fusion) to completley melt into ice. When not enough heat is supplied, some ice doesn't
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Unformatted text preview: melt. (b) a sample of a very volatile liquid (such as ethoxyethane) is placed on a persons skin. (2) A volatile liquid evaporates quickly. The molecules of of this liquid moves quickly and gains enough energy to evaporate. When this happens, the liquid takes the person's heat with it. Therefore the person will have a cooling sensation. (Total 4 marks) MNHS IB HL Chemistry 1...
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