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IB Review Question #6 Name: David Tsai Here is a sample question on the subject of Energetics from a previous IB Test. 1. N u m b e r o f m o l e c u l e s E a E n e r g y The diagram shows the distribution of energy for the molecules in a sample of gas at a given temperature, T 1 . (a) In the diagram E a represents the activation energy for a reaction. Define this term. The initial energy it takes for the reaction to start. (1) (b) Describe another curve that would show the energy distribution for the same gas at a
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Unformatted text preview: higher temperature. The whole curve and the activation energy would decrease. (2) (c) With reference to your diagram, state and explain what happens to the rate of a reaction when the temperature is increased. When the temperature is increased in a reaction, the molecules collide more frequently. This makes the rate of areaction faster and therefore the activation lower. (2) (Total 5 marks) MNHS – IB HL Chemistry 1...
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