potato core lab

potato core lab - data. These differences could be...

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David Tsai Class BCD AANJ ALCE A BAD PLT TOTAL CLASS AVERAG E Distilled 12.25% 20.70% 26.50% 15.27% 19.00% 29.79% 123.51 20.59% 0.2 M 13.25% 0.00% 3.59% 1.82% 1.14% 14.70% 32.52 5.42% 0.4 M 7.93% 10.60% 10.71% 5.27% 11.30% 9.09% 54.9 9.15% 0.6 M 23.50% 19.50% 18.35% 9.81% 3.57% 15.58% 90.37 15.06% 0.8 M 33.20% 26.70% 19.27% 11.80% 11.90% 20.69% 123.56 20.59% Group Distilled 0.2 M 0.4 M 0.6 M 0.8 M Initial Mass 3.10 g 3.50 g 3.00 g 2.80 g 2.70 g Final Mass 3.69 g 3.59 g 2.66 g 2.70 g 2.38 g % Change 19.00% 1.14% 11.30% 3.57% 11.90%
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Conclusion and Evaluation: According to the class average, the change in mass drops at 0.2 M but resumes its increase after 0.2 M. Our group data differ significantly from the class data at 0.6 M, where the class average is 15.06% and ours is 3.57%. At 0.8 M our group data is 11.9%, whereas the class data is 20.59%. Besides this anomaly, the rest of our data is consistent with the class
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Unformatted text preview: data. These differences could be attributed to the many possible errors that could have occurred. For example, the potato core might not have been completely dried off before we measure its mass. Or the potato core might have been dried off too much by the paper towel. Whatever the error is, it is impossible to precisely pinpoint how much the potato core did absorb. The potato absorbed the sucrose solution because of the principle of diffusion. When the concentrations of solute and water on the inside and outside are different, the solute and water try to equalize each other on both sides. This would result in the potato cores increase or decrease in mass....
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potato core lab - data. These differences could be...

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