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Bus12A-Test 2(3) - fflqr-w-E-mffinwfi n u II’I m o...

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Unformatted text preview: fflqr-w-E-mffinwfi n u II’I m o fill—I- Foyé‘ . 2| identify whether Eh: fallowmg an: executory or executed contracts. K." Eieautbvy WM 19. Carol tells Julie, "I wiJl buy your car for S l,000.00" .I'ullc replies “0. 20. Sam buys a new Toyfita Avalon for $30,000.00 cash. EIeLutEaN Inn-bad; I agreement I . n -... fl “A far» ,, : H-i-x . :' -4“.er ? T i-énl'fi-II 5 " mwaluamcwmmu. A intoxicated individual will enter into a valid.-r void contract. ...
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