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Exam 1 Study Guide - GEO 100 Environmental Geology Exam 1...

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GEO 100 Environmental Geology Exam 1 Study Guide September 2007 Exam 1 will consist of between seventy-five and one hundred multiple-choice, matching, and true/false questions questions. Be able to identify the order of events. Understand how to read the maps used in lecture on 6 September 2007. There will be questions on the exam similar to the questions presented during that activity. Know the names, characteristics, and relative position of the layers of the earth (crust, mantle, etc . . .) Given a cross section of the earth, be able to identify the following. 1. Mid-Ocean Ridge: spreading center where plates pull apart, drawing hot material into gap. 2. Lithosphere: upper portion of mantle above asthenosphere—cool,strong, rigid 3. Asthenosphere: upper portion of mantle below lithosphere.—hot, weak rocks, slowly flowing 4. Subduction Zone: where plate sinks under another and is destroyed. Generates earthquakes. 5. Volcanic Arc 6. Why is human population growth often considered the foremost environmental problem? Population growth will lead to heavy use of natural resources, often resulting in environmental degradation. 7. What is a theory? Strong scientific statement 8. The society of Easter Island was destroyed by: environmental degradation, excessive use of limited resource base. 9. Which of the following isotopes is not used for absolute age dating? 10. Scientists may determine absolute age by analyzing a form of atoms called 11. The word that refers to the process of mountain building or the formation of mountains is: Orogeny 12. The earth’s primary magnetic field originates from: outer core (iron-rich) 13. Plate motion occurs at a rate of: a few centimeters per year. 14. Van der Waals bonds occur when:
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Exam 1 Study Guide - GEO 100 Environmental Geology Exam 1...

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