Poltergeist-Reaction Paper(1)

Poltergeist-Reaction Paper(1) - Phuc Le Poltergeist...

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Phuc Le- Poltergeist-- Humanities 4 #5049 Le, Phuc Humanities 4 #5049 Because this essay is written for extra credit and I would like to fully express my reaction about the mass media’s negative impacts on the youth . Therefore, I hope that you would allow me to write 3 pages instead of 2 pages as the formally submitted papers. EXTRA-CREDIT REACTION PAPER Poltergeist According to the horror film named “Poltergeist , the Freelings, a American-type nuclear family with the father’s role as the bread-winner, mother’s role as the nurturing housewife for three kids, became the victims of disgruntled spirits, called “the TV people” and “the Beast”, that used the TV set-a form of the mass media , as a physical conduit to spill their outrage over this nuclear family, especially abducting their youngest daughter, Carol Anne. The aid of a group of parapsychologists with many sophisticated and modern machines and devices would have been useless if there was no help from a spiritual medium, Tangina, who used her psychic sensitivity to ascertain facts about the poltergeist’s disturbances: According to Tangina, the spirits kept Carol in the limbo because they could not go into the spectral "Light" after death and were stuck between dimensions while Carol Anne distracted and confused the spirits to consider her as their salvation. After rescuing Carol and continuing fighting against the ensuing revengeful
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Poltergeist-Reaction Paper(1) - Phuc Le Poltergeist...

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