HED44 - Ch9 - Health Education 44 Chapter 9 1. Factors:...

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Health Education 44 – Chapter 9 1. Factors: Hunger, appetite, cultural and social meanings attached to food, convenience and advertising, habit or custom, emotional comfort, nutritional value and social interaction. (P.O.)For me, convenience and advertising have been the greatest influence on my eating behavior. It’s because I have little time to make my own foods during the semester so that I usually buy a fast-food looks tasty on TV with convenience. We suffer from many diseases that could be preventable with proper nutrition. Changing eating behavior can lower serious disease rates, be in better physical shape, have strong bodies, and live healthier life. (P.O.) I think I eat too few servings from Oils and Fruits. I need to have more fruits in every morning and have salad with Italian dressing to satisfy servings from Oil group. I can remember the six groups by making my own meal plan on the basis of serving sizes of each group in MyPyramid, trying to memorize it. 3. Major types of nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water (P.O.)I eat fast-food many times, and rarely eat fruits, so I need to obtain some more vitamins. Vitamins help maintain nerves and skin, produce blood cells, build bones and teeth, heal wounds, and convert food energy to body energy. If I fail to get enough get
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HED44 - Ch9 - Health Education 44 Chapter 9 1. Factors:...

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