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HED44 - Ch 8 - Health Education 44 Chapter 8 1 missing...

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Health Education 44 – Chapter 8 1. missing classes,did something regrettrable,forgot where they were or what they did, got behind school work, got hurt or injured,damaged property,engaed in unplanned sexual actiives, drove after drink. most of the collage students drink so it is normal to have those result. 2. coordination and balance becoming difficut.distinct imparment of mentalfaculties,judgement. YES, because mixed drink may contain more calories if they are combined with suger soda or joice 3. not really,most of alcoholism thought they were recovering but usually they return to alcoholic again. YES, people now more noticed that how horrable the alcohol is but there are also more and more people start drinking at young age, so it is still depend on people's own personal view. 4. cancer, cardiovascular, disease, respiratory, sexual dysfunction. ... it will increased more and more higher in the future. the someker should be responible for their own life choice.
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