HED 44 - Ch1 - Health Education 44 Chapter 1 1 Health...

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Health Education 44 Chapter 1 1. Health simply means the antithesis of sickness. To others, it means being in a good physical shape and able to resist illness. Wellness is to include a wide array of factors that lead to positive health status. Wellness also includes a healthy “quality of life” which implies that there were lives of health in each category. Health promotion describes the educational, organizational, procedural, environmental, social and financial supports that help individuals and groups reduce negative health behavior and promote positive change. Disease prevention: means taking positive actions now to avoid becoming sick later. There are three types of preventions, primary, secondary, and tertiary. The real healthy means optimum wellness, which include heartiness, good social health, intellectual health, environmental health, spiritual health, and good physical health. 2. In 1990, in response to the indications that Americans were not as healthy as they should be, the U.S. Surgeon General proposed national plans for promoting health among individual and groups. Known as “Healthy People 2000”, the plan outlined
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HED 44 - Ch1 - Health Education 44 Chapter 1 1 Health...

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