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HED 44 - Ch2 - lives we express these themes through...

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Health Education 44 Chapter 2 1. Psychosocial health is the mental emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. Indication of a psychosocially unhealthy person is that they have no interest for life. They laugh at others and have very little fun. They don’t have time for themselves. They are depressed and experiences many illness. College students face challenges moving away from home, unknown environment. They must be socially adept. 2. Psychosocial health is spiritual, emotional, social, and mental health. A lot of these cannot be changed easily. What is more difficult to change is the mental health. 3. If I were to improve my psychosocial health, I would improve my internal factors. I would improve my self-efficacy, self-esteem, personality, and emotional stability. 4. The four main themes of spirituality are inter- connectedness, spirituality as part of everyday life, and living in harmony with the community. In our daily
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Unformatted text preview: lives, we express these themes through connecting with ourselves, doing things we enjoy, having faith and hope, also having a good attitude towards life. Love is also involved because it is accepting and affirming others and ourselves. 5. Laughter is very therapeutic because it makes people less depressed and less anxious. It predisposes them to a positive mood. Telling a joke, particularly one that involves shared experience, increases our sense of belonging and social cohesion that may help achieve better wellness for us. 6. Mental illness, depression, and mood disorder are psychosocial difficulties and disorder what affects any age group commonly is depression. 7. This question is about yourself and how to improve your faults. So, I think each person should answer this question ourselves....
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