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Health Education 44, Chapter 10 1. Please answer this question yourself because it is a personal question. “Discuss the pressures, if any, you feel to improve your personal body image. Do these pressures come from media, family, friends and other external sources, or from concern for your personal health?” 2. Just use the body mass index in easy way. Because it’s clear and easy to check out whether your fat level is in good level, so that you may know your target. 3. (1) On exercise. (2) Eating too much and with high calories. (3) Eat snacks all the time. (4) Spending too much time on TV or computer. (5) Fear of playing All the factors above, could determine our weight, or become obese in the middle age. Therefore, we need to make a plan and begin to firm a good habit in exercise, eating behavior, and regular life behavior. Also, a good control is very important, it may help us to success our goal. 4. First, let him fill out the health assessment, to clear which part should be improve.
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Unformatted text preview: Second, make a food plan and help him manage his snacking, also be part of his weight loss program. He needs to follow the above two steps for at least two months, then he will notice the differences and keep going for 15 weeks. 5. Anorexia Nervosa: Eating Disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with food, self-starvation, and/or extreme exercising to achieve weight loss. Bulimia nervosa: Eating Disorder characterized by binge eating followed by inappropriate measures to prevent weight gain. Binge Eating Disorder: Eating disorder characterized by recurrent binge eating, without excessive measures to prevent weight gain. The reason for females might be more prone to anorexia and bulimia than males are: women wish to keep themselves a perfect body shape, so that they can wear better looking clothes. Sometimes, the pressures could come from family members, friends, and media....
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