HED 44 - ch15 - Health Education 44 Chapter 15 1. The...

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Health Education 44 – Chapter 15 1. The various definition of aging: Aging has traditionally in member of all species as they grow older. Some people believe that aging begins at the moment of conception. Other believes that true aging does not begin until they reach forties. The other definition of aging is defined in terms of biological age which means a person’s physical condition; psychological age means a person’s coping abilities and intelligence; and social age is a person’s habits and roles relative to society’s expectations. Legal age is based on chronological years, or functional age means relative to how other people function at varied ages. Young old age: 65 to 74, Middle-old aged: 75 to 84, Old-old aged: 85 and over. 2. As the old population grows, it would affect your life: in terms of economy, health care, housing and ethical consideration. Health care cost: as people live longer, the chance of developing a costly chronic disease increase. And as technology improves chronic illness were quickly treated successfully. If social security goes bankrupt, large numbers of American will no longer have Medicare coverage. Older individuals would face high expense and limited choices in treatment. Housing and living arrangement: Older people never live in a nursing
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HED 44 - ch15 - Health Education 44 Chapter 15 1. The...

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