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video resume - not Now a days video resume has more...

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As the technologies are improving and developing many innovation products are coming into the market. Technologies not only helped the people to have the luxrious life but are also helping them to find their job through innovative resume creating. Before people use to send their resumes as a trational approach like making resumes in the word document and then sending to the company. But now most of the candidates in this competitive market are preferring a different approach to send their resumes to their target company and this innovative approach is video resumes. Now many companies are receiving candidates resumes not in word documents but in video form. So, I am writing a blog on video resume and what are its pros and cons and whether video resumes is going to be successful in todays market or
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Unformatted text preview: not. Now a days video resume has more innovation to be successful in today’s market place and it’s an excellent complement to traditional resumes. It emphasizes potential rather than brief work history and employers have an advantage to judge the candidates profession presentation, demeanor and also highlight the personality of the candidate. And based upon the current market situation, video resumes is much better than the traditional resumes as many candidates are applying for the same job, so video resumes will create a great edge over other resumes. So in my opinion, video resumes are a very powerful tool only if it created correctly otherwise it can lead to disaster....
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