BIS002B Final Study Guide W10 Schwartz

BIS002B Final Study Guide W10 Schwartz - FINAL EXAM...

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FINAL EXAM PREPARATION. Study Guide. As you prepare for the final, there are some things that you should keep in mind. I try to focus them here so that you can study efficiently and effectively. A) Structure: The final exam is worth 150 points. It will be approximately 1/2 again as long as a midterm, but you have two hours to complete the exam. You will also have 18 extra credit points. B) Format: ~35 True/False and Multiple Choice questions and 6-10 short answer problems. C) Content: ~65% of the questions will be on material from section three (competition onwards, post mid-term #2); the remaining 1/3rd will be comprehensive and drawn from the entire quarter. D) In writing the exam, I will seek questions that integrate and build on concepts through the quarter. Nevertheless, I will be looking back at Midterms 1 and 2 as a guide for what are the main topics. E) I realize that there is a lot of material in this course. I try to stick to main concepts and use examples from lecture in questions. Based on feedback, I get the impression that too many people are studying too specifically from the study questions in order to answer just those questions and not thinking about the broader concepts and how to link them together. With that in mind, below is a list of conceptual questions that represent the major topics covered since the second midterm. Try using this as a study guide. Some of the key concepts from section three include: COMPETITION : What is the competitive exclusion principle? What is a Zero Net Growth Isocline (ZNGI) between two species and how does it
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BIS002B Final Study Guide W10 Schwartz - FINAL EXAM...

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