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BIS002B MT2 W10 Key Schwartz - Name_KEY KEY KEY Last First...

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Name:__ KEY KEY KEY__ _____ _______ Last, First Biological Sciences 2B - Schwartz Winter 2010 Midterm #2 Please Read the Instructions First . Check your pages--there are 9 pages in this exam (including this page). You are responsible for making sure that you have all the pages. This examination is worth 100 points. Please bubble in the 9 digits of your student ID number on your scantron. Bubble the number from the bottom of the scantron into the scantron number box. Mark Test Form A. True/False questions— 8 (#’s 1-8) questions at 3 point each ( 24 points total) Multiple Choice Questions— 11 (#’s 9-19) questions worth 4 pts each: ( 44 points total) 1. Indicate your answers on the scantron sheet using a number 2 or a test scoring pencil. Press heavily, don’t stray out of the margins and completely erase any changed answers. 2. If you think that a multiple choice question is ambiguous or confusing, use the “explanation sheet” at the end of the examination to explain the problem. Put your name on this sheet—we tear them off to read them! Fill-in Questions— 5 questions (#’s 20-24), some with multiple parts, worth 32 points total There is a bonus question worth 3 points (100 pt maximum on the exam). 1. Use pen only (no grade corrections for pencil). 2. Write only one answer per question--you can elaborate on an answer, but you will not be given any credit if you write two different answers to the question . 3. Spelling rules: 1/2 credit for 2-3 letters wrong or transposed. No points will be given if the misspelling alters the meaning of the word. You have 50 minutes, so budget your time –leave enough time to complete the last fill-ins section, as it is worth 30% of the exam. Page 5 ____/ 12 Page 6 ____ / 12 Page 7 ____ / 8 Page 8 ____ / 3 Total _____/ 35
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Midterm 2 BIS 2B Winter 2010 2 I. True / False questions (3 POINTS EACH; TOTAL: 24 POINTS ) Fill in the answer on the scantron using A for True and B for False . In order for an answer to be true, ALL parts of the statement must be true. 1. True (A) / False (B). Prior to Darwin’s Origin of Species, a popular evolutionary theory held that organisms evolved through use or disuse of attributes; the inheritance of acquired characters 2. True (A) / False (B) . Modern scientific dating techniques estimates that life on earth originated nearly 400 million years ago. 3. True (A) / False (B) . A sex-linked recessive trait carried by a male could have been inherited from either his mother or his father. 4.
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BIS002B MT2 W10 Key Schwartz - Name_KEY KEY KEY Last First...

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