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CHE128C Quiz 3 S09 Key Chen

CHE128C Quiz 3 S09 Key Chen - CHEIEEC Organic Chemisz...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEIEEC Organic Chemisz Spring Elli)? Quiz 3 Wednesday, May 2?, 211119 Name Score 1'25 pts 1. Multiple choices. Circle the best answer (15 pts total, 3 pts each). i) Which of the following is not found in the fluid mosaic lipid bilayer of cell membrane? (a) pbospholipicl {b} cholesterol {c} protein @meleic acid ii) 1|Which of the following structure is ciwD-mannopyranose? OH HO DH HE 0' HO -0 m Ho’éfl “flu HO UH DH 0 o {6} HD {d} H0 HO 0“ HUGH H0 iii] Which of the following has a [J-conf1guration‘iI —0 cHon chH ”‘3' H H oH Ho H “‘0 H H oH H oH H D" H oH Ho H cH,oH —o 2 1 {a} only 1 and 2 (b) only 2 and 3 @nly l and 3 (d) only 1, 2 and 3 iv) 1|Which one of the following statements is not true? {a} Sodium soaps are prepared by saponification of triglycerides (b) A by-product of the saponification of triglycerides is glycerol {e} Soap molecules assemble into micelles .Cnease molecules absorb on to the surface of micelles CHEI 23C Organic Chemistry Spring 2009 Quiz 3 e} What is the relationship between D-srshinese and L-arabinese? .They are enentiomers (b) The}r are constitutional isomers (e) They are diastereemers {d} They are tautemers 2. Write out the st ruetures of products fer the reaetieu shown belew {3 pts). CH20H D I} 5 H ID {3' L] in} H0 H A I )L '1' C0;- + L}— ILKGH He H H H H . H OH _O 3. Write am the struetlggs et‘ a eemmen phesphstidie acid and a eemmewhesphelipid {3 pts). 1: . e} e =f-s‘5' 13F?" aim-:1. «Hp-M”; D 0 t l C'Lil'réi'i'" all m-ugce—CHK/ J | i 1 O G e g i' . : « 1 1 in: 5 in , Id 0:; 0:: Fmi’iaflifiifl ”“1 D‘C. F in i) I I R: R?» R' RI, 4. Name and draw the products formed by NaBH4 reduction of D-fruetese [4 pts]. r." H2011 C H: sH | H OH He pier H H0 H eeie— H + H H — “OH H ._i—'— OH H. T. OH H __}Ie.,_,, : "i CHZeH 5 o- anni-{fl} more ...
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