ESP10 MT1 W10 KEY Holyoak, Marcel

ESP10 MT1 W10 KEY Holyoak, Marcel - ESP 10 MIDTERM WQ2010...

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1 ESP 10 MIDTERM WQ2010 NAME:__Midterm Key Two versions, one with underlined title, one without. Two versions had almost the same questions, minor tweaks and changes in sequence of multiple choice questions. Grading was as follows: For students who correctly completed the exam here are some summary stats: points percent count 130 mean 96.14 64.1% sd 15.86036 10.6% min 53.225 35.5% max 127.575 85.1% You can see it was a hard test by the low mean (64.1%). We made corresponding adjustments to the breakpoints for particular points. For those who always chose single answers to multiple choice questions For those who only answered a single answer on all multiple choice questions you should have been identified as doing this by Marcel at the top of the midterm exam paper handed back to you. If you always answered a single answer to multiple choice questions and were not identified by Marcel let him know. Here are the summary stats below for those who did always answer single questions: uncorrected Corrected points percent points percent count 25 25 mean 92.491 61.7% 102.7323 68.5% sd 13.76103 9.2% 14.89811 9.9% min 53.1 35.4% 60.0053 40.0% max 114.35 76.2% 126.7826 84.5% We figured out a correction factor. If you had always answered a single answer your maximum score on the multiple choice and true/false questions was 90.85 points, whereas it was 105 points if you had correctly used multiple choices when appropriate. Hence choosing all the correct multiple choices would have given you 1.1557 times more points. We therefore took the points of these students for the relevant section and multiplied them by 1.1557 to compensate for having incorrectly followed the students. Incidentally most of the students who did this go A or B grades rather than C or D grades, hence it was good students who were not
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2 following the instructions and we feel it would be unfair to penalize them. Let it be a warning however of the need to more carefully follow exam instructions, and that so called "liberal" multiple choice questions are a valid means of testing, just as "strict" multiple choice questions are. Points for everybody and translations to letter grades The number of points are written on top of your midterm, with an uncorrected and corrected total if appropriate. Also given is a percentage score. Percentage scores translate into the following letter grades. min% max% number of students A+ 80.10% 8 A 75.1 80 18 A 70.1 75 29 B+ 65 70 30 B 59.6 64.9 30 B 55.1 59.5 12 C+ 50.4 55 12 C 45.6 50.3 7 C 40.1 45.5 4 D 35 40 5 As you can see from the above we were generous in our distribution of grades awarded. Some might argue that all of the lower grades should be fails based on the percentages involved. Some students seemed to be let down by poor English language and we noted this on
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ESP10 MT1 W10 KEY Holyoak, Marcel - ESP 10 MIDTERM WQ2010...

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