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Bio 230 Chemistry Review & Preview: Molecular Models INTRODUCTION Biologists and chemists cannot see the atomic structure of the molecules they study. The electron microscope cannot resolve distances between individual atoms. At its best it can be used to see molecules that are several nanometers in diameter, and these are composed of hundreds to thousands of atoms. Molecular structure is determined indirectly, from technology such as X-ray diffraction. The lengths and angles of bonds between atoms can be measured by the patterns of X-rays bounced off planes of atoms in a crystal (the solid form of a pure substance). It is useful to be able to picture the structure of molecules, and model building is one approach to this goal. In today's lab we will use models and diagrams to help picture biologically important molecules. In today’s lab you will make models and diagrams of simple molecules important to cells. This exercise will remind you of some basic chemistry needed in this class and introduce you to some of the organic molecules we will study this semester. If needed, review the important elements in biological molecules, and the kinds of bonds they form, in chapter 2 of ecb (Essential Cell Biology by Alberts et. al.). Refer to this chapter if you need help with assignments. Molecular structures can be expressed in various ways. You should be familiar with each type, including: molecular formula, e.g. water is H 2 O; glucose, fructose and galactose are C 6 H 12 O 6 ; structural formula, e.g. oxygen gas is O=O. Some chemical shorthand is a cross between molecular and
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230-1-Chemrev - Bio 230 Chemistry Review Preview Molecular...

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