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Bio 230 Carlos Schuler Presents The Technology Business INTRODUCTION & PROCEDURES Please note: This lab assignment must be turned in electronically, only as word or pdf attachment, not in the body of the email. You must use the subject line "Bio 230 TechBiz" and you must title the document "your last nameTechBiz" for example DiamondTechBiz. Assignments labeled incorrectly will NOT be accepted. PART I: Participate in and take notes on Carlos' first seminar/presentation (October 6). Respond to his questions and ask some of your own. Your participation lab credit depends on at least one question or response to Carlos . One-word answers do not count. Please speak in complete sentences. ASSIGNMENT 1: Describe three terms or concepts that you had never heard of, or never thought about, or did not understood. Do not just name the term or concept. You must explain or define it and tell what you did not understand about it. ASSIGNMENT 2:
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