sec1 - Econ 103 Stata Overview (Matthew Baird) •...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 103 Stata Overview (Matthew Baird) • Introduction – Stata is a command based statistical software. You can use the buttons to get most of what you want done, but this wont lend itself to repetition and using the real power of the computer – A small investment to get used to the relatively simple command language of stata • Reading in data, opening, saving, etc. – Stata works with one data set at a time that has n observations and k variables–think of it as a spreadsheet (open browser) * You need a saved or empty data space to issue any opening command. You can either save the dataset in use, or use the clear command prior to reading in, or just use replace as an option of the read in command – Different formats require different commands to open them – Stata’s format is “.dta”, and is the easiest to use once you work with it * use is the command to open a stata data file * save is the command to save a stata data file – Many are of a .txt, .csv, or other text based format (.dat, .raw, etc.) and leads with a row ofMany are of a ....
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sec1 - Econ 103 Stata Overview (Matthew Baird) •...

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