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Mgmt. 383 Study Guide Revised - Mgmt 383 Study Guide Group...

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Mgmt. 383 Study Guide Group 1 1. In the presentation by team one comparing and contrasting the Human Resource Management duties of Recruiting, Screening, Selecting, and Hiring, which of the four companies was not being evaluated? Harrah’s 2. Two of the companies evaluated recruit for specific skills, but one does not. According to the presentation, what does that company recruit specifically for? specific jobs 3. According to the presentation, which of the following specific skills/positions does Wal- Mart not recruit for? greeter 4. According to the presentation, which of the following is not one of the screening methods mentioned? cognitive tests 5. According to the presentation, which of the following is the emphasized method for selecting and hiring employees at the companies evaluated? behavioral test results Group 2 1) Which type of visa is the most common for employer to sponsor a foreign workers? H-1B 2) Which off the following is not a source of internal recruitment? walk-ins 3) Personnel Selection is the methodical placement of individual into jobs by collecting information about an individual. 4) Which type of interview is generally used in the screening process? structured 5) True or False: It is a good rule of thumb to have questions about your prospective company. Answer: True Group 3 – Going Green: 1.  Recycling in the workplace cause lags in productivity . 2. The government will often offer incentives for companies to recycle. 3. It is impossible not to make a carbon footprint on our planet. 4. Advantages for offering carpooling services, from an employee’s perspective, would include all of the following except being ready to leave for work earlier than normal to allow ample time to pick up everyone else .
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5. The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 was put in place by President Obama to create new jobs, spur economic activity, invest in long-term growth, and provide levels of accountability and transparency in government spending. The plan includes stimulus packages for businesses that turn to “greener” alternatives such as solar farming, wind turbines, electrical grid updates, mass transit and the weatherizing and retrofitting of buildings. Group 4 1. All of the following are ways to avoid discrimination except: assigning specific job task based on gender 2. Managing diversity is important to HR because A. It protects both the employee and employer. B. It provides different perspectives and promotes creativity. C. A significant number of companies are becoming multi-national. D. All of the above. 3. Title VII prohibits employment decisions based on A. Stereotypes B. Assumptions regarding the applicant’s race C. Both A and B 4. What is the most important section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, relating to managing diversity? Title VII 5. The act of mistreating an employee or applicant because of their religious beliefs is religious Discrimination Group 5 1. Restaurants are the retail world's largest energy user. 2.
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Mgmt. 383 Study Guide Revised - Mgmt 383 Study Guide Group...

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