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MIS 309 Test 1 Study guide - MIS Test 1 Study guide (Ch....

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MIS Test 1 Study guide (Ch. 1-5) 1) Functional areas of a company are interdependent 2) Customer service receives the greatest benefit from information technology (70%) 3) #1 goal for information technology projects – reduce costs/improve productivity 4) Information technology (IT) – is any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization 5) Management information systems (MIS) – is the function that plans for, develops, implements, and maintains IT hardware, software, and applications that people use to support the goals of an organization 6) Core business functions – accounting, finance, human resources (HR), sales, marketing, operations management (production management), and management information resources 7) Data – raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event (date, item #, item description, quantity ordered, customer name, and shipping details). 8) Information – data converted into meaningful and useful context (best/worst-selling item, best/worst customer. 9) The plans and goals of the IT dept. must align with the plans and goals of the organization (business) 10) Four common information-sharing cultures – information-functional, information-sharing, information- inquiring, and information-discovery – all determine how well you share information 11) People come first, information is second, and information technology is third ** people have to have information before using technology ** Information-functional – employees use information as a means of exercising influence or power over others Information-sharing – employees across departments trust each other to use information (especially about problems and failures) to improve performance Information-inquiring – employees across departments search for information to better understand the future and align themselves with current trends and new directions Information-discovery – employees across departments are open to new insights about crisis and radical changes and seek ways to create competitive advantages 12) Which one is best for a company? Information-discovery culture 13) How does IT improve customer service and help with cost and productivity? It creates a pathway from the company to the consumer 14) Effectiveness vs. efficiency – Efficiency is #1 contribution of IT 15) Which one is more important business or IT? No need for IT unless there is a business. It supports business 16) IT helps with the speed of information 17) IT system = software + hardware + telecommunication 18) What is MIS? Function of people and goals to effectively support the organization 19) Data information knowledge/business intelligence competitive advantage Ch 2 20) Competitive advantage – (easy user interface) is a product or service that an organization’s customers place a greater value on than similar offerings from a competitor— What I do best compared to my
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MIS 309 Test 1 Study guide - MIS Test 1 Study guide (Ch....

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