Post Test 1 Psy 321 - Post Test 1 Psy. 321 1. A researcher...

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Post Test 1 Psy. 321 1. A researcher is interested in studying whether dog owners are more likely to engage in helping (prosocial) behavior. The researcher creates a scene in which a person falls down and needs help, and the researcher then records how many dog owners versus non-dog-owners stop to help. What concept does this study illustrate? a. Random assignment of participants to levels of the independent variable. 2. Which of the following major political events stimulated a great deal of social psychology research? d. World War II 3. Is it possible to ever establish whether some of the ideas and conclusions now being presented by social psychologists are in fact incorrect? b. Yes, some of the conclusions described in the text may turn out in the long run to be wrong. 4. Dr. Armstrong is a social psychologist who focuses his studies on how people feel about mentally ill people living in their community. On which dimension of the ABC triad does Dr. Armstrong's research focus? b. cognition 5. One of the first social psychological experiments was conducted using "competition machines" built for the purpose. Children were asked to wind up fishing reels as fast as they could. Who conducted this experiment?
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Post Test 1 Psy 321 - Post Test 1 Psy. 321 1. A researcher...

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