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Stephen Martinez October 4, 2010 Evidence Question set 5 (Strobel p204) 1. After considering Metherell’s account, do you see any validity to the swoon theory? Why or why not? No. There is too much evidence leaning more towards Jesus actually dying. We may not know when and what caused the actual last breath but it’s more than obvious that He died a horrible death. 2. For two millennia the cross has been a symbol for Christians. Now that you’ve read Metherell’s testimony, how might your own view of that symbol be different in the future? I still feel that if someone wanted to wear the cross around their neck as a reminder of the pain that Jesus endured for that person’s sin, nothing is wrong with that. I do see a problem with people just wearing it just to wear it. Also I don’t think anyone should use the cross as any kind of Idol to worship it or pray to it. I feel that now I would have a different perspective
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Unformatted text preview: when looking at the cross than I did originally. 3. Would you be willing to suffer for the sake of another person? For whom and why? What would it take to motivate you to endure torture in the place of someone else? Yes. My son’s. If I knew my son’s were to be killed or endure any kind of suffering I would take the pain in their place. 4. How would you react to the soldiers if they were abusing, humiliating, and torturing you, as they did Jesus? What could possibly account for Jesus’ reaction, which was to utter in the midst of his agony, “father forgive them”? I would have to be really deep in the Lord to keep from cursing or yelling out things to the soldiers. Also would have to depend on the situation in which I am being persecuted. If it’s for a cause, then I would stand my ground. If it was just for the sake of the soldiers just humiliating me, I really don’t know how I would act....
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