09.01.09 - ANTH 227 Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology 09/01/2009 Introduction Medicine and colonial rule? Medicine and torture? Do parents have the right to refuse their child a kidney transplant? What does it mean to die a good death? Is depression the same in the United States and Sri Lanka? What does it mean to feel safe in Canada; from pollution, natural disasters, illness? Concepts and ideas; not about facts. Facts are to explain concepts and back up ideas. (understanding the concepts of rationality and beliefs: are the Azande as irrational as we think?) (less important about knowing how many people aren’t drinking potable water, but why and how it effects them) Challenge is to develop a set of concepts to use for life; search for examples, in life and readings. (Quizzes and exams will ask for examples) Less about knowing anything at all; anthropology is transformative. Practice of the self: work that you do on your self to change the way you live that corresponds to a way of life. That is what anthropology is. (Brones Lowe Malawoski) 1. Anthropology is interested in the every day, interested in the complexity, the ambiguity, the contradiction of real life human beings (to understand you have to be out and experience the messiness and complication of real life) 2. We learn how to listen in anthropology (to really listen, puts you in a radical relationship with that person; we listen in order to understand and see it from their perspective) (Shamanistic experience, amazon; transforming yourself into something else) - UNDERSTANDING THE OTHER, listening is
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09.01.09 - ANTH 227 Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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