09.03.09 - ANTH 227 Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology 09/03/2009 Syllabus 6. Categories and Selves 1. Getting to know ourselves, through biomedicine 2. Critiquing becoming pharmaceutical selves (we see our bodies as these mini pharmacies, and if the levels aren’t right, we adjust them with drugs) 7. Social Suffering 3. Freud calls it the third type of suffering, can be the most destructive 4. Failure to hear how people are suffering causes more suffering Lecture - The Problem of Belief 5. Otherness: when things are different, they raise anxiety levels for us, pushing away differences (excluding whatever and whoever is different) 6. Do you believe in God? All of us understand the question, the way it was formulated, it’s not an outrageous question 7. There are many contexts in which this question doesn’t make sense; the difficulty with this question is that it has to do with the whole idea of belief 8. We have come to think of belief as an intellectual affair, something we assert; takes on a propositional form (can take either a YES or NO stance) 9. These kinds of intellectual propositional statements, make no sense to people like the Azande when talking abotu the witchcraft because they experience witchcraft 1. Has nothing to do with our notion of belief to them 2. Belief can obscure the question 3. That the question is meaningful to us, is due to our historical and cultural background (modern western tradition of intellect), and knowing the
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09.03.09 - ANTH 227 Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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