09.08.09 - ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology 09/08/2009 Review 1. The problem with the question “Do you believe in God?” has less to do with the word God but more to do with the word believe. 2. Belief amongst the Azande: “in truth Azande experience feelings about witchcraft, rather than ideas” 1. Why is this statement important? Witchcraft is a give-in and they experience it, rather than believing that it exists (it is simply known that they exist, the feel witchcraft within them) 2. They would never be able to explain the whole concept of witchcraft in one day or one sitting, and Pritchard took all the little pieces of witchcraft and put it together into one coherent “belief system” of the Azande 3. In the Enlightenment, belief was defined propositionally, mentally, as a statement in which you could either insert a truth or false (mentalistic idea of what belief is) --> that’s not always what belief is 3. “Ideas are imprisoned in action” - Does it really matter if actions are just exemplifying beliefs? What if action is primary instead of the mental being primary? 1. Imprisoned = negative, coming from a western idea that intellect is more important 4. Practices and actions = praxis, not always translated into words everyday (we can’t always explain why we do it) (more in the social realms) 5. EXAMPLE: a non-explicit understanding of gravity, this example isn’t necessarily a good example is because the prison is the natural world and not the social world 6. EXAMPLE: people thought/assumed that the world was flat (both natural and cultural forces), so the things they did everyday showed that they thought the world was flat 7. EXAMPLE: not using your hands to eat because it is a social stigma not to
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09.08.09 - ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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