09.10.09 - ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology 09/10/2009 Lecture - Medicine, Race, and Colonialism 1. Franz Fanon is the author of Reading 3 2. Black Skin, White Mask and the Wretched of the Earth 3. Fanon isn’t afraid to look at ugliness; not only that, he isn’t afraid to write about it, look at it, talk about it --> he doesn’t block it out 4. Something provocative about Fanon’s writing; there is also a kind of hopefulness in his writing 5. We have to think of Fanon’s work as a work in progress, we have to think about the things that make us angry in his writing as a moment in a trajectory because he is always questioning, always moving forward 6. Fanon was born in Martinique (a department of France) 7. Fanon’s education was absolutely identical to a child in France 1. Education was full of alienation, because he was learning about “his” history even though it was French history 8. Wanted to make his mark on the world, urgency 9. Considered himself a French citizen 10. Integrated into a colonial Senegalese troop; first experience of race hierarchy 1. Realized he was fighting a war for people who had not accepted him as one of their own 11. He wants to create a new way of being man, feels that our old models don’t work 12. Went into medicine and specialize in clinical psychology; worked with very disturbed individuals from Algeria 1. Patients would come to him and say “I’m ill” but he could not find anything physical wrong with him 13. Impossibility of asserting an identity in a racist context; brings us back to our original question in relation to colonialism (Who am I?) 14. Worked in Algeria (1953) and then the war of independence broke out 15. “Because it is a systematic negation of the other person. ..Colonialism forces the people it dominates to ask themselves the question ‘In reality, who am I?’” 1.
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09.10.09 - ANTH 227 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology...

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