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MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 09/15/09 CULTURE AS AN OBSTACLE TO ‘CORRECT BELIEF’: In the 1950s, including Wellin, idea of incorrect belief vs. Correct belief. But does ‘correct belief’ lead to correct actions? DOCTOR AS AN AUTHORITY: Doctors say so leads to correct belief, those women in Peru who boiled water after the Doctor’s speeches, but not after Nelida’s suggestions. Mrs. E. a) Authority as a rhetorical device Eg. SMOKING: implanted correct beliefs through the media, PSAs etc. Yet it is not enough to stop many from continuing to smoke. DOES BIOMEDICINE HAVE A MONOPOLY ON ‘CORRECT BELIEF”? The idea of medical pluralism is less prevalent in western societies, based on monotheistic religions, as opposed to eastern societies based in polytheistic religions. PHYSICIANS RESPONSES TO THE REQUEST FOR ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: Many doctors scoff at the requests for alternative medicine, this is a discrepancy between the explanatory models of the doctor and the patient. CANAD’S INVOLVEMENT WITH THE INUIT: Welfare colonialism, seen as additive (providing
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